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Witt Wedding

Cristen & Chris. Such a fun, sweet couple. As all weddings, not much went to schedule. But these two, just rolled with it. And stayed chill the entire day.

Well, they appeared to anyhow. They might have been all "ducky" (Calm on the surface.... feet going a mile a minute under the water) Either way, they day was beautiful, and they planned some wonderful details to their wedding.

The Bride and Groom made sure that every guest who was there, knew they were wanted and cared for with small favors, a really fun photo booth, a great menu of food and drinks. And a fun after party!!

I'm honored and blessed that they chose me to capture their day. And entrusted me to help aid in their day run as smoothly as possible.

Such sweet families and friends to share in their day. They were blessed with lots of love and good wishes for their marriage and little family.

So,here is a sneak peek into their day of wedded bliss! It starts off with a reveal with daddy.

Ladies, if you have the opportunity to have a quick reveal with dad. Do! It doesn't have to be a big over the top thing. It can be authentic and just in the moment. Some thing as simple as dad coming in the door and his expression as he see's his baby girl in her wedding dress.

Remember ladies. Your dad was the first human man who laid eyes on you, and instantly fell in love.

Give him a moment with you before you walk down the isle.

Now, as a mom. When my child writes me a letter, it melts me. Especially when she writes things in little cards for no reason at all, other than to just tell me she loves me.

I imagine it's not different when you're a parent and your grown child is getting married. The bride wrote a quick note to each parent separately. Right after her reveal with her dad. She gave her notes to her parents. Mom teared up, and dad beamed!

While waiting for the ceremony to start we snapped some photo's of the bride and grooms sweet, sweet baby girl. And I got mama and grandma having some really sweet interactions with her that just melted my heart! And I'm sure, it'll melt yours too.

Time for the formals!! Now, I always recommend doing ALL of the formal photo's before the ceremony. But, I also know that might not work. And if that's the case. We can work that too. This Bride and Groom kept it traditional. They didn't want to see one another till that moment down the isle.

Here is the STUNNING Brides sneak peeks:

And the Handsome Groom:

Next up: The Ceremony. The atmosphere was very romantic, with lighting low, lot's of crystal and elegant touches throughout. I love that the staircase leading from the Brides room at Waters Edge has this mirror up. Both of her parents walked her down the isle.

The details. Lots and lots of details!

And glittery tennis shoes!! Ya gotta love a bride that has her bridesmaids wear comfy shoes!! Even the Bride sported them. She had special heals and some party shoes for the reception.

The Bride and Groom worked hard on their first dance.

And to all of the future Grooms out there... you've GOT to dip your Bride at the end and end it with a kiss! (Good job Chris!)

And on this final note. Here are some sneak peeks of the Bride and Grooms formal shots:

Chris & Cristen, you two were truly a joy to work with! And your family and friends were awesome, and are true testaments to the wonderful couple you two are! All the best to you two!!

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