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Roberts-Delavan Wedding

The Spring Wedding Season for Rags Photography kicked off with Kaitlyn & Tim's wedding. Out in Fruitland at the Creekside Ranch. The Wedding Doctor coordinated the day and provided the entertainment, lighting and music for the day.

Here is their story in photo's:

Creekside has a great brides room! Decorated in shiplap, and has a light and airy feel with some vintage & country touches.

The groom brought his own accommodations and parked it onside at the venue. Making it a nice option for those who don't want to drive home after the party. Many guests of this wedding opted to bring their RV's so they wouldn't have to drive home after. You can dry camp near by with your RV.

I love details! And I think every bride should have a special hanger for her wedding dress.

The bride wanted to have a reveal with dad. Mom walked her down, kissed her, told her how beautiful she was, and then the bride got to have a moment with dad.

The bride and groom had written to one another for their reveal. I think taking a moment before your BIG moment is huge. It's more private and and intimate. And bonus! It's written down, you can put it in a keepsake box, or a wedding day time capsule.

The moment before the reveal. I absolutely love ramping things up by describing the bride to the groom just moments before he gets to see her!

A little something blue, and an heirloom at the very same time. Your wedding day, hand stitched into your dress!

Who needs a guestbook, when the groom knows how to work wood into amazing pieces of furniture to be signed!! Talk about an awesome keepsake!

The vintage doors opened to display the bride in a time honored tradition. The Wedding Doctor took care of details like this grand entrance and the doors opening at just the right moment!

This was by far a perfect start to my spring wedding season. The ceremony had lots of humor in it!

At Last!! Mr. and Mrs. Delavan!

And onto the party. Every girl enjoys a dress that will twirl! Even a grown woman.

Brad with the Wedding Doctor made sure that the party kept up a lively pace for this bride and groom! They had one heck of a party too!

Kaitlyn and Tim. You two have been awesome to work with! From the very beginning with your engagement session to the day of your wedding!! I wish you two many years of happiness and blessings to come! I'm sure you're going to build an amazing life together!

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