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Yunker-Jones Wedding

What a beautiful wedding!! Set in an old barn in the middle of the beautiful Cascade area.

This wedding was not your typical barn wedding! With lots of details to capture; burlap and lace details, beautiful glass, amazing food, and a classic bride and groom to add the icing to this wedding affair.

Brad and Raquel were on cue as the wedding doctor for this event with coordination, set design, entertainment and music.

With Delish Catering providing amazing food

Stacy Cakes providing beautiful desserts

And McCall Weddings with lots of details for their special day.

Details were captured, like the family pearls. And gifts for family. This bride and groom made sure that their parents had a special moment. A thoughtful moment. Gifts were given as a thank you, and in tribute. It's was a very touching moment. And spoke volumes of this couples level of thoughtfulness and caring. I'm honored that I got to witness it, and capture it. I'm not kidding when I say, I literally fogged up my viewfinder! Witnessing their love was incredibly touching.

The reveal, was no different.... I was tearing up right along with the bride and the groom!

This couple was very fun! Super laid back and go with the flow types. Their was a joke that they should do the classic farmers portrait. The bride had a hard time keeping it together, giggles ensued. But, we managed to pull it off… with some modifications of course. (We didn’t have a classic looking pitch fork….A rake it is!)

And what a party! Brad with The Wedding Doctor is dependable when it comes to getting your guests involved and packing your dance floor. Shout for love everybody!!

Again, having amazing vendors to work with, that you can build professional relationships with, makes all the difference for everyone at the wedding. It helps to have your day run seamlessly!! A special thank you to all of the wonderful vendors that I got to work with on this wedding! You all rocked it for this special bride, groom and their family and friends in attendance.

Congratulations Kathrine & Dylan. Many blessings to you both in the years to come!

Here are some more of my favorites from your beautiful day!

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