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It's Fall... Did you know??

So, it's fall. And to a photog, it's kinda like tax time to an accountant. Your days are long, your stress is high. But, you wouldn't change it for a thing!! This time of year is magical. It pulls on the creative strings easily. Change can be beautiful. And fall is a prime example of that!

This fall has been a busy one here at Rags Photography. Filled with weddings, High School Seniors and Families.

I'm totally slacking on my blog posts as of late. It's been a constant shuffle of tasks this month as well as getting click happy on clients! :)

Towards the end of last month I did my annual fall mini sessions. Most in this years allotment of mini's were using them for gifts, so I can only share a few (right now... I'll be sharing more after Christmas)

Here's to young long that has lasted decades!! These two are so sweet to one another!

And they have some pretty cool kids too!!

This sweetness of a couple is getting married soon ;o)

I love this family!! I've been taking care of their family photo needs for a few years now. I look forward to them every year!!

Could she be anymore stunning!? Ok.. ok.... I might be a bit bias, she is my bestie of 20+ years after all. I did her family photo's as well, but again, their Christmas presents. I'm sharing this one though! She's too pretty not too!

Well folks, that's all I can share of my 12 sessions on this day. The rest are swearing me to secrecy for the sake of their Christmas cards!

But I'll share more later on after the holidays. Their are some beautiful photo's and moments that were caught on the annual mini session day.

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