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The Joyce Wedding at Fourth Street Gardens

Such a warm fall day (The high was in the low 80's) And it was a perfect day for a wedding! The day before was windy and a storm blew in. And the day after the temps dropped!! God was smiling down on this couple for their outdoor fall wedding on this day!

When I first met Sean & Stacy. I could tell that Stacy had an eye for details. When I have brides like that, I know I'll probably get excited over their wedding themes. Brides like Stacy tend to put a lot of thought and love into the details of their weddings. So when she told me of her decor plans I was excited!!

Forth Street Gardens is located in Emmet, Idaho. The home is historic and full of Victorian charm! And the owners who run it, have hearts of gold. I would highly recommend this location to any of my brides and grooms! The grounds are beautiful and well cared for, and the owners put so much effort into making sure that their clients are just as cared for as their beautiful property.

Here is Sean and Stacy's warm fall day of a wedding!

First, the reveal. I highly encourage my brides and grooms to do a reveal and get the majority of the photo's done so that you save time in getting to your big bash of a party right after the ceremony.

Their is always a way to make it special. A letter reveal, holding hands around a wall or door way.

Sean and Stacy opted to do a reveal with a couple of heart felt letters first.

The turn around. I love his elation in seeing his future wife to be!! I teared up. You could FEEL his joy.

I live for these moments!

Next up, the couples portraits. I was walking them through portraits, and I told Sean to whisper some 'sweet nothings' in her ear... I don't know if he truly said " sweet nothings" to make her giggle or if he truly said something ultra sweet to her.... either way, I'll take it. Her giggle was caught!

The details that the bride and groom planned were awesome!! I was finding my eye drawn over and over in so many different directions. They were very lovingly thought out.

The groom wore a family heirloom. It was his "something borrowed"

I loved the pops of purple that they had at their wedding. With the fall yellow's, oranges on the trees, it was a beautiful combo!

Their ceremony had some special touches too. Have you ever heard of a box or nailing ceremony? Its where you get a box you place a bottle of wine, two glasses and two letters written by the bride and groom to one another. The box is to be opened on either an anniversary, or when you think your marriage might need it.

You open the box, go read your letters, and drink your wine together. I LOVE this idea. What a great way to remind you, years down the line why you joined your lives in the first place.

The ceremony site at Fourth Street Gardens is truly magical!! Especially at the golden hour. The site sits facing the west, and the light through the trees is beautiful!

It's even just as amazing at night, check out the site at night. Could you imagine having a late evening wedding here?

The reception was a big party! And full of moments that caused your eyes to leak! Either from belly laughs or from sweet touching moments.

The party continued into the late night. The dance floor was always in use at this wedding!

Congratulations Sean and Stacy! You two are a wonderful balance to one another, and I wish you many, many years of happiness together.

Thank you for entrusting me to capture your beautifully detailed day!

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