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The Page Family Sneak Peek

I've gotten the privilege of taking their family portraits since 2012, and I've enjoyed watching their kids growing up in front of my lens! I was so excited for their session this year. Not only are they clients, but over time I've become blessed to call them friends and church family as well!

These two are inspirational in their marriage, and the way they are a walking image of what it's about! They're truly best friends and soul mates. I mentioned to them during our session that my husband and I were thinking of a vacation for our 15th wedding anniversary, and how I was struggling with the idea of taking the little one with us. They both (almost in unison) Don't! This is YOUR anniversary, go celebrate it with just the two of you. I was advised by these two, that it's needed to have that time with one another to celebrate a milestone like that, and that it's only the first day that you might feel a pang of guilt leaving kids at home ;o) (Advice noted Mrs. & Mr. Page)

Their kids are WONDERFUL!! They have amazing parents guiding them in life. I'll admit, these two make the session even more enjoyable! Their son constantly cracks me up. His wit, charm and dry sense of humor are hard to resist. And their sweet daughter has a charm that could melt an ice burg! Not to mention she has a natural confidence that I know has come from her parents. Both are caring, smart kids. Who both know they have something to give to this world.

Miss- Sass! She pulls this pose off with ease!

Mr. Wit. He was making some crack about how his pants were too tight..... (they were too tight the last session too... quit growing kid!!)

I told them... this pose will be done EVERY year till they leave the house! They didn't reject the idea... and quite honestly, I think it would be cute, we can keep taking them and compare them. We did this the last session too. Can't wait till their full grown adults and see if we can still pull off this pose! Ha..ha....

We have many more poses, but we'll end here on the dock. The rest of the photo's will be on cards ;o)

That water was COLD, but they didn't hesitate when I said " Alright, lets get those shoes off and roll up those pant legs. We're getting your feet in the water!"

In this next shot, their daughter said "I'm not touching my toes in... it's too cold!" to which her brother said "Ehh, it's not bad, just try." So she did and her next word was "Liar!" and a giggle fest began......

Thank you Page Family for yet again, another awesome family session with you four! I'm truly blessed to have such awesome people as clients, friends and church family!!

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