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An English Rose of a lady, and a southern styled gentleman

Every once in a while I come across clients who truly are like kindred spirits to me. These two are avid history and antique lovin' people! I knew when I met them for the first time, that I would really enjoy getting to know them more and, that I would more than likely really enjoy their wedding day. And I wasn't prepared for just how much I would enjoy their day. They had planned an English garden type of a look, in an amazing location! Jon and Diane are two very special people, and it was a long road for these two to become what and who they are today. I admire them and their love. They are two truly authentic people. Here is their love story of a wedding day:

Now, you know you look pretty dang good if you leave your groom with his jaw on the floor at the reveal:

Let the Bride and Grooms photos begin!! I highly recommend to any bride and groom to do a reveal. Measures can be taken to make it intimate and about you two, to make it special.

The way he looks at her, could melt any heart!! He truly admires her and you can clearly see it on his face when he looks at her.

This Bride is incredibly stunning! When Diane walked out of her room for her reveal, my jaw dropped just like her husband to be's did moments later!

Her inner beauty shines through so


And the handsome southern gentleman, Jon. A lot of his family and friends from down south came for the wedding. I have to admit, hearing them all speak to one another was like comfort food for me. I have quite a bit of family down south and back east. And my dad always had a little bit of an accent, even after spending decades in Idaho with my mom.

Jon is such a genuine guy. And full of wit! He and his groomsmen had me cracking up several times.

Remember me saying this was an English Garden inspired wedding? Well, here ya go:

They're both a lover of antiques and history. I decided to incorporate their rings into some of it. This church pew is a special family heirloom to Jon. So, I decided it would make the perfect place for their rings!

Cue the music! They had a lovely string quartet. That played Ava Maria. Setting the mood for the touching ceremony.

The bride was escorted by her son, down her English themed isle.

The honorable, Governor Otter, had the privilege of uniting these two in holy matrimony! (I think I forgot to mention, they were married at his place too!) He did an awesome job. And on a personal note, chatting with the Governor was truly enjoyable. He's a very humble, down to earth man.

Later on at the reception they had their first dance as a married couple. I was grinning ear to ear as they used the entire dance area.

Later on that night I managed to talk them into a few additional shots since the lighting was pristine!

I can't decide if I like this one better in color, or in a sepia tone? I love night time shots!! The blue hour is one of my favorite times. Just as much as the golden hour!

Congratulations Diane and Jon!! I truly had an amazing time with you two capturing your English Garden Styled Wedding, full of details, love and laughter! I'm honored and blessed that we've crossed paths.

All the best to you two!!

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