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A Heartfelt Engagement

Lemme paint a picture. Your Boyfriend of 4 years tells you you're going to have a special date at one of your favorite date spots. He makes sure your hair is done, outfit is picked out. And you wonder.... 'what is he up too?'

Slightly out of the norm to go to this level of detail for a 'date' but you go along. It's sweet to you.

The new groom contacted me a couple of months ago, said he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a photo session up at their favorite date spot, and that he wanted me to capture him asking her to marry him as well.

(Ummm, yeah!! Sign me up!! I'm a girl and a hopeless romantic.)

He told me of his plans. Candles on the roadway where they would pull up, lights down the pathway to where a canoe would be waiting. And he had two friends that would be helping, one was going to cook and serve them dinner, and one was going to help with set up. He wanted me to do a mini session before hand and then capture their special night. (**Sigh**) OK! (Que cheesy grin from this photog)

It started with a drive to the lookout point at Lucky Peak Lake

(Little disclaimer... this shot was taken later in the evening)

Once I got a lay of the land, we got started on their mini session. (Which she thought was her 'surprise' and it made sense now why he was fussing about her appearance. )

Then it was time for their date night to begin on the lake. It was a short (but fairly steep) hike down to the lake and the canoe.

Then they headed out on the lake at sunset for a romantic ride!

Followed by his friend making and serving them dinner

Some dancing was had......

............. and a proposal followed. She said, YES!

Thank you Jason for inviting me to capture such an amazing day for you two! I'm absolutely honored!! All the best to you two!

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